A Preschool Adventure in Zoology.

Explore Zoology with the budding scientists!  The ZooBabies series is designed to begin animal explorations with preschool students.  Zoology is the study of animals. This program focuses on touch, real animals, and exposure that builds new neurons to grows the preschool mind!   

This new Burpee program will be offered throughout the spring and again in the fall!

For Registration Call: 815-965-3433 or register online below

Ages: Children ages 6 and Under.

2-year-old and under children and under must be accompanied by an adult; adults are not required to attend classes for 3- to 6-year olds but are welcome, and encouraged, to observe the class.

Cost: $12 general public ($10 members)

Pre-registration is required

Save with a season pass! $53 (Members $40)

Cancellation Policy:  Refunds (less 10%) are available for classes when cancelled at least 10 days in advance. 

ZooBabies Schedule – Spring 2018 

Turtle Snacks

What do Burpee’s turtles eat?  From swimming turtles to stomping tortoises, lets check them out together.  Participants will observe the different ways turtles move, touch their shells and scales, and see what kind of snacks these reptiles want to eat!  

Class 1: Tues., Mar. 6; 11:00 – Noon
Class 2: Wed., Mar. 7; 11:00 – Noon



Did you see the dragon at Burpee?  We have several Bearded Dragons that are going to show us what lizards can do.  Be surprised how they waddle about the floor, and their squishy tongue when they eat! These guys may not be cuddly but they sure like some attention!  Come and see the dragons!

Class 1: Tues., Mar. 20; 11:00 – Noon
Class 2: Wed., Mar. 21; 11:00 – Noon

zooBabies 1

Furry Friends

Why are some animals furry and other animals scaly? Lets see if we can feel any differences.  We will have several animals skins to touch and some experiments to find out what keeps an animal warm!

Class 1: Tues., Apr. 3; 11:00 – Noon
Class 2: Wed., Apr. 4; 11:00 – Noon


She Sells Sea Shells

Did you know shells are actually animals houses?  Lets see who could live in there and why their houses look so different!  Grab a few different types and compare homes.  What else would you find on the sea shore?

Class 1: Tues., Apr. 17; 11:00 – Noon
Class 2: Wed., Apr. 18; 11:00 – Noon


Swish, Swish…Fish!

We can’t live underwater…but a fish can! Lets look at what makes them special from scales to gills.  Listen to sounds and feed our friendly and BIG fish while learning about their life underwater.

Class 1: Tues., May 1; 11:00 – Noon
Class 2: Wed., May 2; 11:00 – Noon


Payment Required to Complete Registration Use payment options below or call 815-965-3433

Visitors like this Greek tortoise, Apollo, join us for ZooBabies classes.  Apollo likes to have his shell rubbed by our young visitors.

Meet our VIP Friends

Visitors like this Greek tortoise, Apollo, join us for ZooBabies classes. Apollo likes to have his shell rubbed by our young visitors.