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Sign up for one or take them ALL! These camps are perfect for children ages 3-6. Preregistration & prepayment is required. Registration cut off is 10 days prior to the start of camp, so activity boxes can be shipped.

Available Camp Themes:

1 Box = $ 30 members, $45 nonmembers

5 Boxes = $75 members, $140 nonmembers 

How does Burpee Without Walls ZooBabies Camp work?

  1. In the mail, you get a Burpee Camp Science Box! Filled with Science Experiment Kit(s) for at home and outside activities, reading,and more you will be digging into Burpee activities with your child.
  2. Online, join us for how-to videos assisting you through the at home experiments, explorations, activities, and read-alouds.
  3. Through our online portal, enter the museum in a 360 degree Virtual Reality experience.  Walk through the halls as if it were a video game, clicking on hot spots, and enjoying different spaces with different special activities for each day.

ZooBabies Camp FAQ

Q: What if the museum re-opens while we are registered for Burpee Without Walls Camp?

Participants will be given a free family pass for the week to attend the museum in person free of charge during the camp week.  If the museum is selling tickets for entry at specific times due to COVID-19 restrictions, your family still must pre-register for a museum time.

Q: We have been remote learning for a long time now…why sign up for more?

Don’t think of this the same way as school.  This is an outlet for kids to explore their interests.  We will focus on fun, with multiple activities from science to the integrated arts from drawing science, to reading.  

Q: How much screen time does this camp require?

Because the camp materials come in a box with directions, screen time is not required.  However, each activity has a youtube component with directions to make it easier.  The VR experience can be done anytime, and students will spend a varying amount of time exploring the halls and clicking on hot spots depending on their interest level.  Some may spend an hour clicking around, some less. The VR experience will be much like playing a video game with multiple options where students can choose their own path and experience at their own pace.  Each day has new VR experiences.

Q: Can more than one child participate with a single camp subscription?
Possibly.  There is a single box of materials per registered child.  So all materials will need to be shared.  If children work well together, they can share supplies. 

Q: Will Burpee offer any in-person camps this summer?

No. Unfortunately, the uncertainty of this situation prevents the museum from committing to any in-person learning at this time.

Q: What if we are having trouble with technology during the camp?

Each camp will have a camp counselor who will be available for assistance during the scheduled day.  There will be a daily Zoom check-in, but there will also be access to chatting with the instructor at other points for assistance, questions, and learning.

Q: Will my 2 year old be able to do this camp from home independently while I work on other tasks?

Probably not. This exploration is a great activity time for a learning partner.  That learning partner can be an older sibling or cousin, grandparent, parent or caregiver.