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The Education Department of Burpee Museum provides students with high-quality educational programming through our qualified educator staff.  We strive for student engagement by building on students’ curiosity, and motivating them to seek answers in a visually exciting setting.

Burpee Museum is the perfect destination for a focused learning expedition not so large as to be intimidating but with enough to satisfy any inquiring mind!  All our group tours and workshops are aligned to the Illinois NGSS and CCSS standards and are designed to meet the needs of your class.


Field Trip Cheat Sheet:

Quick Summary by TOPIC:


Adventures Inside Burpee

Field Trip Tour

Quick Facts–

Fee: $5.00 per student/chaperone (teachers no charge)
Tour Time: All tours last approximately an hour
Minimum: 15 people or $75.00
Maximum: 30 in a group, up to 4 groups at one time (*see exceptions)

Popular Tour Topics: Survival of Reptiles & Amphibians, Fossils & Dinosaurs, Dinomite!, The First People, and Windows to Wilderness.

After the tour…enjoy the museum!


Workshops & Labs

Quick Facts-

Fee: $5.00 per student* 

Workshop Time: 1 Hour

Minimum: 15 students or $75.00

Maximum: 30 in a group

Enhance your field trip with a hands on workshop.  From making take home fossils to habitat clue boxes, our variety of workshops allow you to build the perfect adventure for your students!

*Some longer experiences for MS & HS may have different pricing structures


Adventures Inside Your School

Burpee Visits You

Quick Facts–

Fee: Depends on the 

Event Time: Variable.  Typically 3 activity and learning centers per theme with 30 min per center

Maximum: None.  Burpee can do full-day all student events with curriculum adapted for each grade, single grade levels, ore even AFTER SCHOOL SCIENCE NIGHTS!.

Popular Tour Topics: Dinosaurs & Fossils, What’s In That DIRT?, LIVE Reptiles and Amphibians


Teacher Boxes

Quick Facts-

Fee: $10.00 rental fee

$5.00 per rental (members)