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Internships At Burpee

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Burpee is growing our team for Summer and long term Internships

Burpee Museum Internships:

Internships in a museum are not paid positions, but rather positions that will give valuable and unique experiences that may lead to college and masters degree programs, critical letters of recommendation, unique experiences and scholarships.  Many Burpee employees start as interns! Candidates 16-24 years old may be eligible for work experience grants through a federally funded program. Burpee will work with qualified applicants to help secure funding when possible.


Science Research Intern

This position provides valuable assistance to museum researchers and in collection projects.  From duties such as assisting with collections inventory, to catalogue and auditing to maintaining collection space and organization, these interns get to work directly with experts in the natural sciences.

Animal Care Intern

Living animals ranging from reptiles to amphibians to invertebrates are a critical part of Burpee’s permanent collection as well as part of our exceptional summer exhibition.  Interns will work under Burpee supervision to take care of animal husbandry, animal health care and animal handling and demonstrations.

Media & Communications Intern & Web Programming Intern

Writing code for Burpee’s website is important to keeping the museum functioning taking class registrations, sharing new information, and sharing our events.  The intern will work with our designers and web programmers to learn how apply Burpee design standards to our magazine, website and posters. Learn and use wordpress and other interfaces to communicate with the public.

Education Intern

Teaching is a critical part of the Burpee mission.  From our youngest visitors through adults, Burpee offers quality hands on programming.  An education intern will help set up for classes and teach classes, and gain valuable experience in developing curriculum, and implement lesson plans in the natural sciences.

Event Specialist Intern

From education events to concerts, weddings and birthday parties, Burpee is bustling with exciting activity all summer long.  A Burpee event intern will learn how to organize a large scale event from planning, to marketing, to setup and execution.