Volunteer With Us!


Area #1: Docents
A) Docent at Special Event 
Host a booth at a special event and tell patrons about your amazing artifacts. For example, share the secrets of a fossil slab, or talk about the use of prehistoric tools. Prior knowledge helpful, but not necessary.  We teach you!
When: Once per month, scheduled event
B) Field Trip Docent & Assistant
Join us when a school visits and help make the most of their Burpee experience!  Lead or assist on a tour through the museum, or support a class at their workshop from examining fossil boxes to making clay pots. Prior knowledge helpful, but not necessary.  We teach you!
When: Weekdays all year
C) School Outreach Docent & Assistant
Journey into the schools and help Burpee bring science on the road!  Our traveling docents share live animals, artifacts and more. Prior knowledge helpful, but not necessary.  We teach you!
When: Weekdays all year
D) Busy Season Docent 
When the museum is crowded we need extra hands! From helping to reset exhibits that have been used and explored to carrying around and discussing a live animal or artifact, the docent will help bring the museum experience alive for our guests. Prior knowledge helpful, but not necessary.  We teach you!
When: Weekends, school breaks, summers
Area #2: Special Event & Exhibit Set-Up
a) Special Event Set Up
Each or our special events require special booth setup, decoration and more.  Help us create these decorations and transform the museum for a unique theme.
When: Once per month, scheduled event
b) Exhibit Set Up 
From painting to construction, we need creative minds involved.  Exhibits installations are typically an intense 3-5 day period of painting walls, installing structures, and creating the magic of a new exhibit.
When: Scheduled event
Area #3: Science & Lab Work
a) Paleontology Lab Work
From working in the paleo lab prepping fossils, to scanning sediment for microfossils, the paleontology team works hard and produces GREAT results.  Training periods are longer for this work, and there is sometimes a wait-list.
When: Continual
b) Biology Lab Work
As we build our education collection and museum permanent collection, we have many specimens that need to be prepped.  From wet collections to full mounts, we are growing our team willing to taxidermy and collect.
When: Continual
c) Animal Care
Burpee has many animals from fish to reptiles to amphibians.  Animals need to be fed, watered and socialized.  We need reliable volunteers to help us care for these awesome critters!
When: Continual
Area #4: Education
a) ZooBabies Facilitator
Help our youngest scientists get their first exposure to the joy of experiments! This class is for kids ages 0-6 and parents. Facilitators help kids with projects, read stories and help make the class extra fun!
When: Continual
b) Camp Facilitators
From helping lead break out sessions to assisting with snacks and breaks, we need additional help making our camps move smoothly.  Camps are generally for kids ages 6-12.
When: School Breaks, Summer
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