Teacher (K-12) Workshop 2019


Calling All K-12 Teachers!

Supercharge your classroom with new ideas! Learn about current research, speak to internationally known paleontologists, participate in ongoing experiments…and get materials to help you lead concrete discussions in your classroom around real time science. You will take home sample lessons, multiple grade level non-fiction texts aligned to lesson plans, and hopefully a little inspiration too! From microfossils to hominids, let us help you create new and relevant NGSS activities for your students.


Date: Saturday March 2

Time: 3:00-4:30
Cost: Thanks to a generous donor, all classes are offered at a reduced rate of $25 per teacher to reserve your spot!

From the Paleontology lab, to fossil preparation, participating teachers will get a first hand experience of current research and exciting finds at Burpee.

Get Hands On Experiences.

Meet with both local and visiting Paleontologists during our special PaleoFest event!  Your workshop spot reserves you VIP teacher status and special behind the scenes look at our work.

You will get tips to teach paleontology via NGSS standards  (ESS1-1, ESS1-4, ESS2-3), gather concrete ideas for activities in class (such as developing geologic time models to organize the Earth’s 4.6 billion year history AND how to use the model to determine how fossil distribution gives us clues about changing landscape), and get ready to set up activities where students are driving the scientific inquiry.

In this workshop, Burpee educators will give you tools to help students not just answer questions…but ask them too!  We will help stage with examples, articles, and more of a variety of age and reading levels.

In this workshop, you will get first hand experience working with microfossils and understanding fossil prep in our Jay and Barbra Broast PaleoLab as well as a chance to speak to local paleontologists and out of town paleontologists including Alexandria Brannick.

We are excited to bring this new opportunity to teachers…allowing them to bring current, and often unpublished, research directly back to their schools!

hanksville fiel

Members of the Burpee team pause in the hot summer sun while working on a series of fossils from the Jurassic formation in Utah.

BONUS Freebee!

FIVE LUCKY PK-12 TEACHERS will be selected for FREE attendance plus a FREE ticket at our dinner lecture by Sanaa El-Sayed, Egyptian paleontologist. Dinner will be catered by Franchesco’s Ristorante. A $150 value!

TO APPLY: Send Name, grade(s) taught, and reason(s) you would like to be selected for this opportunity to Burpee@Burpee.org

Enjoy an eventing with some of the most exciting, and world renowned paleontologists while learning about exciting paleo discoveries.

Dinner Lecture

Sanaa El-Sayed, Ph.D. Candidate

Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt

 Title: Before the Pharaohs: Breaking New Ground in the Study of Egypt’s Ancient Prehistory

Sanaa El Sayed 1024x683

The desert expanse and wind-scoured rocks of Wadi Al-Hitan are home to the earliest whales — and to a fossil find by a rising star in paleontology, and our dinner keynote: Sanaa El-Sayed. (Credit: Hatem Moushir)

Wadi_Al Hitan_By_Hatem_Moushir_18 1024x768