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How does Burpee Without Walls Camp work?

  1. In the mail, you get a Burpee Camp Science Box! Filled with Science Experiment Kit(s) for at home and outside activities, a camp t-shirt, water bottle,and more you will be digging into Burpee activities all week. (Burpee Camp Science Box NOT available for One Day Adventures)
  2. Online, join us for how-to videos assisting you through the at home experiments and activities, read-alouds, and interviews with scientists.
  3. Through our online portal, enter the museum in a 360 degree Virtual Reality experience.  Walk through the halls as if it were a video game, clicking on hot spots, and enjoying different spaces with different special activities for each day.
  4. Connect with kids that share your passions and interests online via our Zoom chat portal for a 45 min sharing and discussion time each day.  Then break into small group chats in a secure, safe way.  Participants will share their experiment results, learn from our educators, and enjoy the best distance science fun!

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