Spring BreakAway Camps

School’s Out…Burpee’s In! 

Join our fun.  Break away from winter with Burpee and join us for learning adventures.  You will find full day options, and half day options.  After & before care is available upon request.  

 Dates: March 26, 27 & 28

Come for one date…or stay for all three!

Ages: Grade K-8

1/2 Day AM  –  9am-11:30am  
1/2 Day PM  – 12:30-3pm  
Full Day*  – 9am-3pm
* Full Day includes supervised lunch; child brings their own lunch
* Full Day students get both classroom portion and additional experimental lab time for building and conducting investigations, animal interactions, etc.

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 Multi Child Discount Starting with 2nd Child = $10 OFF Full Day, $5 OFF Half Day

For Registration Call: 815-965-3433

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Day 1:

The Giant & The Small…

Reptiles & Amphibians!

day1 1
March 26 (Day 1)
The Giant & The Small…Reptiles & Amphibians!
Reptiles and amphibians come in surprising shapes and sizes.  Be among the first to welcome Burpee’s special visitor: A Giant Tortoise. Weighing in at 150 pounds this tortoise lives up to his name “The Mountain” and dwarfs other Burpee tortoise and turtles who weigh only a couple pounds. Learn about environmental needs of reptiles and amphibians as they seek ideal temperatures and humidities.  Then, roll up your sleeves to learn and apply the design great enclosures for both reptiles and amphibians at Burpee.


Day 2:

Birds of a Feather…

Swoop in Together!

Marsh HooHaven 2
March 27 (Day 2)
Birds of Feather… Swoop in together!
What makes a bird fly? How do birds survive?  What would you do if you found a sick or injured bird?  Examine bird bones, crack open an owl pellet and meet rehabilitated birds from Hoo Haven as our special guests.  Kids will come face to face with a huge 3 foot tall pelican with an even bigger personality, birds of prey and more.  
NOTE: Hoo Haven presentations and animals Only Available in FULL Day & PM sessions


Day 3:

Who would Win…

Battle of Animal Adaptations!

March 28 (Day 3)
Who Would Win?  Battle of the Animal Adaptations.
Which dangerous animals would win in a fight? Find out in this awesome adventure digging into the features of different animals.  We will see how they stack up in defense and attack mode.  Students will use models, live animals, examine collection specimens and more to inquire.  Lion vs Cape Buffalo? T-Rex vs Velociraptor?  Giant Squid vs Sperm Whale?  Polar Bear vs Walrus?  
Note: Battles are theoretical, analytical and predictive; no actual battles will occur.

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