Speaker Schedule

Sunday, March 8

10:00 Larisa DeSantis

Talk Title Coming Soon (mammalian paleoecology)
10:30 Mathew Wedel

“In the Footsteps of Giants: Finding and Excavating New Fossils of Brachiosaurus from the Lower Morrison Formation in Utah”

11:00 BREAK

11:30 Aina Ramihangihajason

“An overview of the Miocene benthic foraminifera from Nosy Makamby, northwestern Madagascar”

12:00 Hillary Maddin

“New insights into evolution of early tetrapods from the Carboniferous of Nova Scotia.”

12:30 – 2:00 LUNCH

2:00 Greg Liggett

“Your fossils: The role of the Bureau of Land Management in paleontology”
2:30 Paul Mayer

“How Digitization Tamed the Tully Monster”

3:00 BREAK

3:30 Jasmina Wiemann

“Pushing the limits of the fossil record: fossil biomolecules reveal the history of animal life”

4:00 Holly Woodward-Ballard

“T. rex growing pains: the King of Dinosaurs was first a tyrannical teenager”

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