Temporary Exhibit: Reptiles and Amphibians-Senses of Survival

Its Alive…and Awesome!

Immerse yourself in the cold blooded world of reptiles and amphibians.  The Survival of the Senses is the summer and fall’s temporary exhibit brought to you by Zilla!  Featuring species from around the world, learn how reptiles and amphibians survive using their incredible senses!  From 3 foot Tegu lizards with directional smelling and a forked tongue to an enormous Tortoise, you will meet amazing creatures and learn how they live.  Investigate the many survival mechanisms of our live and taxidermy specimens.  This exhibit is at no extra charge to your general admission ticket.  And as always, FREE FOR MEMBERS!  This exhibit is open through December 2020.

Did you know…?

The lizard in the photo above has an unusual tongue.  The blue tongued skink really has a blue tongue!

#1 I can’t hear you talking to me…I only sense vibrations.  Who am I?

#2 I can run on a ceiling, but I don’t have suction cup feet or sticky mucus on my toes!  Who am I?

#3 I can see almost 360 degrees around me without moving my head.  I can even move my left eye in a different direction than my right eye!  Who am I?


Come to Burpee and find out more!

#1: I am ANY snake species.  Snakes don’t have ears like us, so they can not year you talking.  They can sense vibrations such as approaching footsteps.  Snakes make up for the lack of hearing with amazing senses of smell. Learn more on your next visit! At Burpee you might find:  a ball python, a corn snake, a reticulated python, a Borneo short tail python and more!

#2: I am ANY species of Gecko!  Geckos have millions of tiny hairs on each of their toes called setae. Scientists have found that the tufts of tiny hairs get so close to the contours in walls and ceilings that the van der Waals force kicks in.  This type of physical bond happens when the electrons from the gecko’s hair and electrons from the wall interact with each other and create an electromagnetic attraction!    Burpee features leaf tailed geckos, golden geckos, crested geckos, new Caledonian geckos, tokay geckos, and more!

#3 I am ANY species of chameleon.  With eyes on the sides of their heads that operate independently.  They have a unique ability to switch between monocular and binocular vision.  At Burpee  you might find a veiled chameleon, a jackson’s chameleon and more!


Group Events

Don’t miss your chance to share this excitement with your friends and family.  We have packages for camps, field trips, birthdays and more!  These up-close experiences will make your trip to Burpee something special to last a lifetime!

Party and Rental Contact: rhonda.dailing@burpee.org

Education Event Planning Contact: nicole.hayes@burpee.org

Burpee Without Walls

Love the cold blooded animals, but can’t visit us in person?  We have virtual field trips including a 360 degree virtual reality tour of exhibits PLUS a guided Burpee docent.  

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