Looking for that extra something to make your field trip 'wow' your students? Ask about adding a workshop to your learning expedition today! Workshops are only available in addition to learning expeditions.

Fee$9.00 per student
Time2 hours
Minimum15 students or $130.00
Maximum30 per group, 4 groups at one time (*see exceptions) 
In addition to the learning expedition, students participate in hands on activities which allow for a more in depth experience. (The fee includes the learning expedition and the classroom session)

Savage Ancient Seas
Students will explore similarities and differences between fins, flippers, & fingers, as well as dive into the differences between Mososaurs and Tylosaurs.*
*Special Exhibit Rates Apply: $10 per student/$6 per adult

The First People: Native Americans in North America
Students work with clay to make a miniature pot using Native American techniques.

Fossil and Dinosaur
Students make their own "fossil" and participate in a hands-on group exploration of fossil "time capsules."

Windows to Wilderness
This workshop includes a hands-on group activity with "habitat clue boxes" in the classroom and a take home project.

Archaeology workshop (grades 5 - 12, *2 groups maximum)
This workshop includes hands-on group work with real Native American artifacts. 

Project Clear
Project Clear is a hands-on field trip available from March through October for grades 6 - 12.  The program gives students the opportunity to evaluate the Rock River by collecting water samples and river macro-invertebrates from the river, then using the riverside Aqua-Aerobic Systems Water lab, they identify and analyze the samples to determine the health of the river. Aligned to ISLS: Goal 4 A, 1a-d, 3a, 4a-c; Goal 11A, 2b-e, 3a, c-g, 4a-e;
Goal 12B, 2b, 3b; Goal 13B, 2a

Fee: High School $10.00 per student
Time: 3 hours
Minimum: 15 students or $150.00
Maximum: 40 students
Chaperones: one required for every 10 students (no fee)
Activities: chemical testing, macro invertebrates, Micro organisms, bacteria counts

Middle School: $9.00 per student
Time: 2 ½ hours
Minimum: 15 students or $135.00
Maximum: 60 students
Chaperones: one required for every 8 students (no fee)
Activities: chemical testing, macro invertebrates

Contact Sheila Rawlings for more information on Workshops