Burpee Adventurers

Classes are on Thursdays from 10 am- 12 pm. Call (815) 965-3433 x1002 to register. Pre-registration required. $12 members, $14 non-members.

Becoming a Paleontologist
June 19
Get up close to the work of a paleontologist in Burpee's fossil prep lab and find out what it takes to prepare a fossil. Then put your new found knowledge into practice as you prep your own fossil!

Weather Wise
June 26
Wind, snow, hurricane, tornado- learn abut different types of weather and make a weather related craft. Come dressed to go outside andwe'll experience the weather in Burpee's backyard.

July 3
How do they happen and why? Through experiments we'll discover how energy makes the earth flow and explode, shaping the world we see today. We'll head outside to set off some of our own explosions.

River Stories
July 10
We'll head down to the Aqua-Aerobic Water Lab to explore Rockford's own Rock River. Collect water samples for testing, and discover the creatures that live there, both large and small. Wear your old clothes for this active outdoor class!

July 17
Step back in time to the world after dinosaurs and discover amazing snakes. STudy living snakes to see their unique traits and make a slithery project to take home.

Insects, and Spiders and Crawfish OH MY!
July 24
These critters are all arthropods. We'll discover how they live, see some up close, and make an arthropod related craf. Come dressed to be utsdeas we look for arthropods in our own backyard.

Earth's Treasure-Rocks & Minerals
July 31
What is the difference between a mineral and a rock? We use them in our everyday lives for many things! We'll examine specimens from Burpee's collection and you will be able to start a collection of your own.

Digging Dinos
August 7
Learn about lots of different kinds of dinosaurs and how and when they lived. This hands-on, interactive class will include a visit to the Paleo prep lab and a dinosaur craft to take home.