Escape to Burpee

Classes are on Tuesdays from 1-3 pm. Call (815) 965-3433 x 1002 to register. Pre-registration is required. $12 members, $14 non-members.

Paleontology 101
June 17
This class provides actual hands on experience in paleontology. Learn the basics a paleontologist needs to know, what Burpee is doing at its dig sites in Montana and Utah, and spend time in Burpee's laboratory where you will be able to prepare a fossil.

Extreme Weather
June 24
Explore wind, snow, tornadoes, and all kinds of weather! We'll make weather measuring instruments and try them out in Burpee's backyard.

Beneath Our Feet
July 1
Explore the energy that makes the earth move. We'll make gak to discover a solid that flows like a liquid and set off explosions outside to see how gasses affect solids.

Down By The River
July 8
We'll head down to the Aqua-Aerobic Water Lab o explore Rockford's own Rock River. Collect water samples for testing and discover the creatures that live there. Wear your old clothes for this active outdoor class!

Snakes- Alive?
July 5
When do snakes first appear in the geologic record? Get the low down on the snakes of ancient times as well as those of Illinois.

Amazing Arthropods!
July 22
Arthropods have been around since before dinosaurs and come in amazing variety. We'll explore the world of arthropods and see how many we can find in Burpee's backyard.

The Scoop on Poop
July 29
Whether you are tracking a coyote in the prairies of Illinois or digging for dinosaurs, discover how scat can solve mysteries.

August 5
Just what is a dinosaur? Discover the answer, look at different kinds of dinosaurs and visit the Burpee laboratory where scientists and preparators work on the dinosaur bones. We'll finish up with a dinosaur craft to take home.