Science Workshops Ages 6-9

All Workshops meet on Thursdays from 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Registration and payment are required

Per Workshop: $12 members/$9 additional siblings

$16 non members/$13 non members additional siblings


Hands on Science with the Museum as the student’s laboratory. These workshops are based on Activities Integrating Mathematics and Science curriculum produced by the National Science Foundation.

Geosphere: Earth's Features: Thursday, March 6

Students will observe and compare their environment with other physical features of the Earth, making models and pictures.

Rocks: Thursday, March 20

Students will observe the physical properties of rocks and group them accordingly, using Burpee's study collection.

Erosion: Thursday, April 3

Experiments with wind, water, and ice will show how erosion changes the Earth.

Soils & Sands: Thursday, April 24

Students will observe and work with samples to discover the properties of soil and sand.

Inside the Earth: Thursday, May 8

Students will build a model to discover the Earth's structure and identify  materials from the Earth.

Quakes & Volcanoes: Thursday, March 22

Students will discover effects of quakes and how volcanoes erupt through investigations and activities.