Science Classes Ages 10 and up

 Earthquakes: Thursday, March 13

Explore the forces behind earthquakes. Create model seismic waves. Map the Earth's major earthquakes and study the fault zones of Illinois and its earthquakes.

Volcanoes: Thursday, March 27

Build a model volcano; examine the different types and their subsequent lava. Map significant volcanoes of the world.

Plate Tectonics: Thursday, April 10

Conduct experiments that demonstrate the principles behind the theory of Plate Tectonics. Map the plates of the world.

Geologic Time: Thursday, April 17

Explore the Geologic Time Periods, including relative age, Principle of Superposition and Uniform Processes.

Fossils I: Thursday, May 1

Meet the Paleozoic Era! Examine Monsters of the Midwest and examine other fossil specimens from the permanent collection.

Fossils II: Thursday, May 15

Travel through the Mesozoic and Cenozoic. Examine Burpee's discoveries from field work in Utah and Montana and visit the Fossil Prep Lab.