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  1. Reserve you larvae through Burpee (815)965-3433
  2. Pick up larvae during normal Museum hours
  3. Download FREE classroom handouts

When: NOW!

(September & October 2017-While Supplies Last)

Where: Burpee Museum of Natural History

Cost: $20 Per Classroom *

(Fee Waived for RPS Collaboration Approved Teachers)

Get your students involved in collecting data for a REAL scientific research project. 

Join Burpee’s Staff and Citizen Scientists across the country in this monarch monitoring adventure!  Your participation helps rear more monarchs for our global population, and when you tag, record data, and release your butterfly, your students become part of the scientific effort to monitor 2,000 mile migration to Mexico.

Science engagement…made easy!

There are few species easier to raise than monarch larvae (caterpillars).  Monarch larvae eat only one kind of abundant leaf, and need nothing but a fresh leaf every day.  The larva eats for about 14 days before it becomes a chrysalis.  Then the waiting begins.  In two weeks, a butterfly emerges ready to sip nectar from a flower or gatorade from a sponge or towel.  The dramatic growth and changes within the animal make for excellent data collection projects for students, and include: graphing, analysis of data, and driving classroom inquiry and observation.  Finally, the project will become something larger than your classroom through facilitating your students’ participation in a scientific study. 


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Burpee figured out all the details for you.  We have captive bred larvae for you, single occupancy habitats, data sheets, and in a couple of weeks we will have your tagging supplies.  A science unit with all the legwork done.  All you have to do is ENJOY and help this impressive species.

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The Emergent Butterfly  The newly emerged adult will need to hang with its wings downward to facilitate its expansion.  The butterfly will not need to eat for about 24 hours.  Wings need to grown and dry. 

The Tagged Migratory Butterfly Once the butterfly is ready to leave your classroom it is time to place the tag.  Burpee will provide you the tags and the data collection chart to enter your butterfly’s data as part of the international research project through Monarch Watch.  Call the museum when the larva enters the pupa developmental stage and Burpee will set aside your tagging materials.  You will record the tag code, date, sex of the insect, and the location along with other information. 

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Your FREE Classroom Resources

Check out our google docs for you to print, copy, use!

Your FREE Classroom Resources

Check out our google docs for you to print, copy, use!