What does it cost to come to PaleoFest?

It depends on what you want to do.

General Admission is $12 for adults and $10 for youth (members: $4 adult and $2 youth) Children UNDER 3 ARE FREE.

Burpee has FAMILY packages.  The lowest price package for a family of 5 is $58 (members: $20)


What is a Family Pass?

It is a package way to enjoy PaleoFest.  We have ones for the family lecture, some of the workshops and the full paleo experience.  Pricing ranges from $58 ($25 members)to $260 depending on what your family wants to do.


What is included in the family pass?

Family Pass includes five people. Additional youth passes may be purchased with any family passes at the rate of $8 General Public $3 for members

But there is only 2 of us…I should get a better price?!

We only have one package rate.  Here is an idea: You can call a friend and bring their kid and split the cost and come as a “family”

I have a free student pass from my child’s school….what does that get me?

It gets you in the museum to enjoy all of our paleo stations and exciting activities and prizes.

General admission for the child is included.


Family Lectures

Art Workshop are not


Will the student pass get me a discount on anything?

Unfortunately no.  It is not transferable 

If you are going to a lecture…check out the family packages…they are the BEST deals!!!


Are the Family lectures for adults or kids?  What age?

The family lecture should have fun information for ALL AGES.  Adults and kids alike will enjoy. Kids ages 6 and Up will get the most out of the lectures, but the whole family is welcomed to attend.


Are the Family workshops for adults or kids?  What age?

The Dragons of the Sky Workshop & Horns and Frills…oh my! Workshops are designed for families to work together.  The project is typically something the kids each complete their own and adults help. Kids ages 3 and Up get the most out of this experience, but all is welcomed to attend.

Is the Family PaleoArt workshop for adults or kids?  What age?

The artist is excited to work with anyone who thinks art is fun!  We will provide samples of his work, he will talk about how he imagines skin or feathers on a skull…and help everyone complete their own paleoart pencil or ink drawing.


While some art supplies are available at the class, if you have your own preferred tools, be sure to bring those!


Your First PaleoFest?

This event is like nothing else in the midwest!  For one weekend, paleontologists from around the world join other scientists, paleo enthusiasts, and families for a weekend celebration.  For young, and for experienced: there is something at Burpee for EVERYONE!

For the Budding Paleontologist…

Enjoy hands on stations throughout the museum only here for one weekend!  Attend family friendly science talks from internationally renowned visiting paleontologists, and learn from amazing paleo artists.  Don’t miss the hands on workshops for kids! 

For the Scientist….

Attend research lectures unveiling some of the newest paleontology research.  Speakers come from around the globe and present on topics from dinosaurs, to plants, to lizards.  Each talk is 30 minutes followed by a short break, and then the next talk.

For the Student…

Middle School and High School students can attend the Friday PaleoSymposium consisting of a panel of speakers debating current scientific questions, their own research, and big questions in paleontology.  More advanced students will enjoy the Saturday and Sunday research lectures.

For the Family…

It’s time to get the kids and grandparents together to enjoy special learning in science.  From workshops to family friendly talks to hands on stations throughout the museum, PaleoFest never disappoints the family.  



It is hard to believe it was over 20 years ago when the idea for a paleontology symposium was born at Burpee Museum. In that time PaleoFest has become a local phenomenon, Burpee has shared an all-star cast of speakers with the community, and we continue to grow the tradition.
Since our first PaleoFests, our young attendees and volunteers have grown into noted scientists, speakers and writers themselves!