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Please note, Workshops and Classes are offered on Thursday afternoons from 2:00- 4:00 pm, starting September 2015.

For over 10 years, Burpee Museum has been offering science classes for students who are home schooled. Current teacher, Betsy Carlson, MEd, home schooled her own children, has extensive experience as a teacher in a local home school co-op, and has been on the education staff at Burpee since 2003.

Classes are for ages 10+ and Workshops are for ages 6-9. Participants can sign up for the entire month, semester, or pick and choose which classes to attend. These programs are inquiry based; hands-on activities and experiments are the core of all classes. The curriculum is based on the AIMS (Activities Investigating Mathematics and Science) and GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science) curricula. Students will measure, estimate, observe, predict, classify, gather and record data.

Fall 2015 – Workshops: Ages 6 -9 

9/24/15 “Hidden Tales: Discover Past Cultures”

Students use real artifacts from the Museum’s collection to discover past cultures.

10/8/15 “Colors Galore: The Beauty of Chemistry”

Students produce an array of colors and classify the colors as an introduction to the study of chemistry.

10/22/15 “Presto-Chango: Acids, Bases and Neutral”

Students test their predictions to learn to learn more about acid, base and neutral. 

11/12/15 “Creatures that Creep and Crawl”

Students will observe and map animal movements to identify animal needs and habitats.

12/3/15 “Animal Trails” 

Interpreting animal maps to better understand their needs and improve their care.

Fall 2015 – Classes: Ages 10 and up

10/1/15 “Whats hidden in the Midden: Life in the Distant Past”

Students will experience a simulated archaeological dig and view items in the Museum’s permanent collection.

10/15/15 “Cabbage Chemistry” 

Students delve into proportions working with cabbage juice to study chemistry, concentrating on amounts.

11/5/15 “Household Mysteries: What’s Lurking in you Cabinet?”

Students bring household chemicals from home and determine if they are acid or base, to develop a new understanding of chemistry.

11/19/15 “Become a Field Biologist”

Experience field biology techniques and data collection to study animal behavior.

12/10/15 “Animal Habitat’s by Identifying Movement Patterns”

Graph the patterns of animal movement and interpret the results to learn about habitats.

Fees per student/class:

Burpee Museum Members

$12 first child – $9 per additional sibling


$16 first child – $13 per additional sibling

Burpee Museum reserves the right to limit enrollment or cancel any class.  Every effort will be made to notify registrants when a class is cancelled.  Refund Policy: one full week’s notice.

Contact Betsy Carlson for more information on Home School Programs