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Home School & Enrichment Workshops

6-9 Year-Old Learners

All classes run on Thursdays from 2:00-4:00pm

Thursday September 5: Clues to the Past 

Natural Collecting and Sorting Artifacts. Collect your own items to explore the study of archaeology.  Sort and catalog artifacts like our scientists at Burpee. 

Thursday September 26: Hidden Tales

Discover Past Cultures! Use real artifacts from the Museum’s collection to learn about past cultures.  Dig into beauty; explore your questions of cultural diversity.

Thursday October 10: Colors Galore 

The Beauty of Chemistry! Produce an array of colors and classify them as the introduction to the study of amazing chemistry.

Thursday October 24: Presto-Chango 

Acids…Bases…Neutral! Learn the differences in pH and what makes something acidic or basic.  Test your predictions in the experiments to see what changes!

Thursday November 14: Creatures! 

Creep and Crawl! Survival as an animal means meeting your needs.  Observe, map, and define animal needs in their different habitats.

Thursday December 5: Animal Trails

Tracking Movements. Interpret animal maps to better understand animal needs and improve their care.

10 & Up Learners

All classes run on Thursdays from 2:00-4:00pm

Thursday September 19: Amazing Archeology

Natural Collecting and Sorting Artifacts.  Sample as an archaeologist while focusing on artifacts and the nature of materials preserved over time. 

Thursday October 3: What’s Hidden?

Examining Life in the Distant Past.  Immerse yourself in a simulated archaeological dig and view the museum’s collection of artifacts.

Thursday October 17: Cabbage Chemistry

Proportions and Measurement.  Gain experience with the critical skills for chemistry study working with cabbage juice.

Thursday November 7: Household Mysteries

What’s lurking in your cabinet? Bring household chemicals and determine their chemistry, pH, and more. Develop a new understanding of the chemistry around us.

Thursday November 21: Field Biologists

Animal Observations Become a field biologist using their techniques of data collection to study animal behavior.

Thursday December 12: Animal Habitats

Exploring Movement Patterns.  Graph patterns of animal movement and interpret the results to learn about habitats.

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Meet Your Teacher!

Mrs. Betsy Carlson

Burpee’s home school lead teacher is Betsy Carlson. She has a Masters in Education from Ohio University, and has been a Burpee educator since
2003. She is an enthusiastic member of the home school community
and was a keynote speaker at the international home school conference this summer.

Registration Details

Preregistration and prepayment is required for all classes. Register online at Burpee. org, or by phone (815) 965-3433. Space is limited, register early!

General Public

$16 for one student per class
($13 for each additional sibling)
$80 per semester (September-December) 

Burpee Museum Members

$12 for one student per class
($9 for each additional sibling)