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Home School & Enrichment Workshops

6-9 Year-Old Learners

All classes run on Thursdays from 2:00-4:00pm

Thursday January 9: Habitat: Deseret 

Some like it hot! Find out how desert inhabitants not only survive, but
how they thrive!

Thursday January 23: Habitat: Rain-forest

Did you know there are rainforests in the United States? Come
learn about the living rainforests?

Thursday February 6: Habitat: Arctic 

Survival on the frozen tundra is tough, but these arctic creatures have it
down cold!

Thursday February 20: Habitat: Savannah

Survival in the open, learn about the animals who live in this environment!

Thursday March 5: Habitat: Mango Swamps 

slurp, slurp, Survive in the glurp.

Thursday March 19: The Honeybee

Students explore the basic structure of the honeybee worker.

Thursday, April 2: Bees & Flowers/Nectar & Pollen 

Students learn how real bees collect pollen, carry
it and use it.

Thursday, April 23: Building a beehive

Students discover that honeycomb is make of wax and where the
wax comes from.

Thursday May 7: What’s in a Hive?

Students learn the activities which occur inside a hive as well as the
early stages in the life cycle of the bee.

Thursday, May 21: Bee Enemies & Bee Communication

Students discover the bee predators and hone

10 & Up Learners

All classes run on Thursdays from 2:00-4:00pm

Thursday January 16: Discovering the Chemical Reaction

Observe, describe, use scientific shorthand.

Thursday January 30: Investigating What Causes Heat 

Design own experiments; make deductions.

Thursday February 13: Introduction to Chromatography

Work with a technique in chemistry that separates substances from a mixture

Thursday February 27: Solving Mysteries

Work with mediums and solvents; learn more about molecules.

Thursday March 12: Design Your Own Chromatography Tests

Design a test and revise model to learn moreabout molecules.

Thursday March 26: Planet Ocean 

Meet the World Ocean and global exploration


Thursday April 16: Waste Disposal 

Demonstrate wind-driven currents.

Thursday April 30: Current Trends

Experiment with salinity and temperature and model how these
factors affect density and create real currents.

Thursday May 14: Layering Liquids

Work with aspects of density at the molecular level and discover
density of water new Antarctica.

Thursday May 28: Ocean Routes

Explore how ocean currents have been a major force throughout history
and their effect on climate, using current maps.

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Meet Your Teacher!

Mrs. Betsy Carlson

Burpee’s home school lead teacher is Betsy Carlson. She has a Masters in Education from Ohio University, and has been a Burpee educator since
2003. She is an enthusiastic member of the home school community
and was a keynote speaker at the international home school conference this summer.

Registration Details

Preregistration and prepayment is required for all classes. Register online at Burpee. org, or by phone (815) 965-3433. Space is limited, register early!

General Public

$16 for one student per class
($13 for each additional sibling)
$80 per semester (September-December) 

Burpee Museum Members

$12 for one student per class
($9 for each additional sibling)