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Please note, Workshops and Classes are offered on Thursday afternoons from 2:00- 4:00 pm, starting September 2015.

For over 10 years, Burpee Museum has been offering science classes for students who are home schooled. Current teacher, Betsy Carlson, MEd, home schooled her own children, has extensive experience as a teacher in a local home school co-op, and has been on the education staff at Burpee since 2003.

Classes are for ages 10+ and Workshops are for ages 6-9. Participants can sign up for the entire month, semester, or pick and choose which classes to attend. These programs are inquiry based; hands-on activities and experiments are the core of all classes. The curriculum is based on the AIMS (Activities Investigating Mathematics and Science) and GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science) curricula. Students will measure, estimate, observe, predict, classify, gather and record data.

Spring 2016 – Workshops: Ages 6 -9 

Hands on Science with the Museum as the students’ laboratory 

1/7/16 – Pastes: Formulating 

Students measure ingredients, follow a formula, observe & test to create their own paste

1/21/16 – Colas:Investigating 

Students observe specific ingredients & identify their attributes to see cause & effect

2/4/16 – Toothpaste: Describing

Students use descriptive language, test ingredients & develop their own secret formula

2/18/16 – Ice Cream: Testing

Students experiment with rock salt & ice, record, create & evaluate their own ice cream formula

3/3/16 – Bubbles: Measuring 

Students test techniques & formulas to create giant bubbles & develop questions based on observation

3/17/16 – Touch Subjects: Classifying

Students design experiments & record data to classify surfaces best for bubbles, and explore various surfaces in the Museum

4/7/16 – Touch Subjects: Comparing

Students record data to see if free form floating bubbles will always form a sphere

4/21/16 – Bubble Clusters: Applying

Students explore and observe the structures and patterns of bubbles and compare these to crystals in the Museum

5/5/16 – Worms: Hypothesizing 

Students observe the features if earthworms hypothesize their responses to stimuli and draw conclusions

6/2/16 – Now you see them, Now you don’t:Estimating

Students determine how long it takes earthworms to burrow into the ground

Spring 2016 – Classes: Ages 10 and up

Classes use resources available in the Museum’s collections 

1/14/16 –  Bubble Explorations 

Students will examine the various physical features of bubbles

1/28/16 – Surface Tension

Students will compare surface tension of water & soapy water and build models of soap molecules

2/11/16 – Soap Films 

Minimum surface will be identified as soap film pulls equally in all directions filling the smallest area possible, with a mathematical relationship between the sizes of 2 equal rings

3/10/16 – Steiner’s Problem

Students will find the shortest route between 3 and 4 points using soap film, and find the relationship between the number of points and junctions in the soap pathways

3/24/16 – Geo Planes: Plateau’s Problem

Students will find a formula relating the parts if polyhedrons and make discoveries about soap film patterns which form inside

3/31/16 – Caternary Curves

Students will work with hanging chains in nature and relate them to soap film curves between two rings

4/14/16 – Air Pressure

Students will observe that small soap bubbles have greater internal air pressure that large ones

4/28/16 – Liquid Rainbows

Students will find the color sequence, which leads to the bursting of soap film by comparing a flat film and a hemisphere

5/26/16 – Graphing Annelid Results

Students will use physical stimuli to observe and record the responses of worms

6/9/16 – The world of Annelids (worms)

Students will discover the role of earthworms in nature, how the Ice Age wiped them out in North America and their unique anatomical properties

Fees per student/class:

Burpee Museum Members

$12 first child – $9 per additional sibling


$16 first child – $13 per additional sibling

Burpee Museum reserves the right to limit enrollment or cancel any class.  Every effort will be made to notify registrants when a class is cancelled.  Refund Policy: one full week’s notice.

Contact Betsy Carlson for more information on Home School Programs