The Jay and Barbara Brost Paleo Lab

It takes a long time, and lot of patience for our fossils to go from the dig site, buried in the Earth, to ready for display and research. Burpee fossil preparators  extract the remnants of ancient life from the stone matrix that has trapped them for millions of years.

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The Process

Our paleontologists excavate fossils by cutting around the fossil, and bringing both the fossil and its surrounding rock carefully back to a museum. Discovering bones on a paleo dig is only the beginning of a long process.

The fossils we bring back to the lab can be extraordinarily fragile, and are often are encased in rock or sandstone matrix that must be removed to reveal the information of the specimen hidden within. 

Thanks to the Jay and Barbra Brost laboratory, this work is accomplished inside Burpee Museum by vertebrate fossil preparators: skilled specialists in the care and conservation of fossil bone.

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