Family Activities

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Family Fun at PaleoFest  

Join us on one of Burpee’s most amazing dino weekends!  Your general admission gets you special experiences for the whole family.  Mingle with some of the top paleontologists in the field, enjoy special paleo activities throughout the museum, and make special memories at this annual festival.

General Admission PaleoFest at Burpee

Enjoy these special activities throughout the museum: 

Paleo Passports: Visit each PaleoPassport station for FUN paleo activities to get hands on and experience paleontology through new lenses. 

Paleo Games: Enjoy special activities throughout the halls of Burpee Museum just for this special weekend.  

Prizes: Complete each station, and earn a special paleontology prize!

Paleo Shopping:Enjoy special vendors from books to artwork all about paleontology.

NOTE: Museum Admission does not include admission to science lectures, family workshops, paleo art workshops, or family lectures


Exciting once-a-year Opportunities:


Family Workshop Topics:


Dragons of the Sky!

Is it a bird, a dragon, no a Pterosaur!  This workshop will us take to the sky and discover how a reptile could even fly.  We will explore their discovery and the great variety of pterosaurs that once dominated the skies.  We will be studying and comparing wings of birds, bats, and pterosaurs.  Participants will create their own “pterosaurs” to experiment with flight and make their own wings to wear and fly around the Museum!

Horns and Frill Oh My!

Did you know that there are many different kinds of horned dinosaurs besides the well-known Tricertops?  Burpee is home to the famous juvenile Triceratops Homer.  We will get up close to Homer and discover what makes him unique.  We will also discover other horned dinosaurs.  What makes them unique and how they are their own class of dinosaurs – Ceratopsids.  We will examine real triceratops frill, ribs, teeth, and horns.  Each participant will make a horned dinosaur mask, and become their own horned dinosaur!


Family Workshops

Aspiring paleontologists and curious science dreamers are welcomed into a special space during our workshops.  These small group, hands on classes get you digging deeper in to paleontology.  General admission to PaleoFest is included in workshop prices.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Family pass includes up to 2 adults and 2 youth.  Additional youth passes can be purchased for $8 ($3 members)

For The Family!

The Family Lecture Pass

GOOD DEAL! Includes museum general admission and an entertaining science lecture for all ages with Dr. Thomas Holtz, and local paleontologist Josh Matthews.

$35 General Family           $20 Member

The Family Workshop Pass

GREAT DEAL! Includes museum admission PLUS one small group, hands on class to get you digging deeper into paleontology.

$40 General Family         $25 Member

The Family PaleoFest Pass

BEST DEAL! Experience all that PaleoFest offers. This includes museum general admission, one Family PaleoArt OR Paleo Workshop, PLUS the family lecture with an internationally recognized paleontologist. 

$45 General Family         $30 Member


*General Admission to PaleoFest is included in workshop prices.

Workshops are recommended for ALL ages! Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Family includes maximum of up to 2 adult and 2 youth for one day. additional youth passes may be purchased with any Family Pass for General Public $8 (Members $3)


Children Lectures

Back by popular demand…kids can experience the very first science talk!

Grown-up scientists are not the only ones having fun!  Dig deeper with a science lecture presented by one of guest scientists presenting as part of the PaleoFest lecture series.  

This year:  Meet Dr. Holtz!

Talk Title: “Understanding Dinosaurs from their Fossils”

Author of several children’s books and several noted scientific works, Dr. Thomas Holtz will be presenting a lecture just for families


Paleo Art

Artists are the creative genius behind the many drawings of dinosaurs with skin, feathers, and more.  How do we know what dinosaurs looked like?  How do we draw the plants, animals, and all the beauty of the prehistoric world? 

Meet Stephen Sommers.  Professional artist, and the talent behind many of Burpee’s paleo art. 

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