“The Ultimate Adventure of a Lifetime.”

This is your opportunity to join the team that discovered and excavated Burpee’s T. rex, Jane, Triceratops, Homer, and Oviraptor, Pearl.

Spend up to five week days prospecting for fossils and discovering specimens to add to Burpee Museum’s permanent collection. You will learn the fundamentals to paleontology field work including prospecting, excavating, plastering, and working at micro-vertebrate locations.

Most of all, you will meet extraordinary people, discover irreplaceable fossils, and contribute to real dinosaur research!

Jurassic Journey – Hanksville, Utah

  • Dates:
    • Session 1:   May 25-29
    • Session 2:   June 1-5
  • Rates: (3-day minimum)      5-Day Special:
    • General Public $230/day                  $1,050
    • Educator Rate: $210/day                   $950
    • Student Rate: $190/day                     $850

2015 Utah Expedition Application and Waiver 

Highway to Hell Creek – Ekalaka, Montana

  • Dates:                                                                                    
    • Session 1:   July 27-31
    • Session 2:   August 3-7
  • Rates (one week minimum):            
    • General Public $1,300/week
    • Educator Rate: $1,100/week
    • Student Rate: $1,000/week
Orientation videos coming soon!

Burpee STEM Field Academy

An adaptable field course component suitable for highschool and college level classes. Burpee STEM Field Academy can serve as an introduction to STEM work, or as a capstone for students with a STEM background. Burpee STEM Field Academy can be offered in conjunction with either the Jurassic Journey or Highway to Hell Creek Expeditions.

Interested instructors should contact Sheila Rawlings for details and scheduling.


Federal law requires that all vertebrate fossils collected be deposited into the collection of Burpee Museum of Natural History. You will be credited with the discovery of all specimens you collect and your finds will be a valuable asset to the Museum for research, display, and education. Field expeditions can be physically challenging. Burpee Museum of Natural History reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Call 815.965.3433 more information.

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