Your gift helps Burpee Museum provide access to science programs, education and citizen science research.

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We rely on support from people like you to provide a world-class museum experience for visitors of all ages. Burpee is growing our citizen science, education outreach and experiences for young learners. 

Unlike anything else in our region…

For the last 75 years, Burpee museum has provided world class science exhibits, research and education to the Rockford Region.  Unlike any other institution in our area, Burpee is advancing natural science through active research and maintaining an internationally noted collection. 

As we move forward into the next era of Burpee, the Board of Trustees is committed to developing a variety of hands-on activities that will enhance learning and engage families of all ages. Through Burpee programming, visitors will have opportunities to become citizen scientists deepening their understanding and interpretation of the natural sciences,  and contribute to research and the advancement of natural science.

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