Dino Day Exploration Camps

Check out our one-day camps to dig into some special paleontology topics!

Ages: 6-12 $40 ($35 members)


Session #1

What’s For Dinner?

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Friday June 15; 10am-3pm

We will examine teeth to learn about many different types of dinosaurs.  Participants will get in our PaleoLab and learn what teeth tell us about what the dino ate.  What can YOU learn about a dinosaur from it’s tooth?

Session #2

Dino Time Machine

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Friday July 13; 10am-3pm

Let’s take a journey through the Jurassic and Cretaceous.  We will use real bones from real digs to guide our learning…and experience excitement of discovery hands on in our PaleoLab!

Session #3

Feathered Dinos

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Friday, August 10; 10am-3pm

Birds.  Are they really living dinosaurs?  Pick up some evidence here at the museum and make your own discoveries.  We will guide you through the type of science done in our own PaleoLab at Burpee.