Virtual Field Trips at Burpee

Standing in the shadow of a real dinosaur, or staring into the eyes of a living turtle make the trip into our museum something children remember for years to come!  Plan your upcoming visit to Burpee with a large variety of new options.

Quick Details for Group Visits


You Can Choose one or all of these options at Burpee

  • Guided Museum Tour of a single or multiple exhibit
  • Lab/Workshop Hands On Experience
  • Unstructured Explore Time 


  • $5.00 per student/chaperone (Teachers are no charge). 
  • $1.00 per guest for UNLIMITED explore time after the tour (Same day, same group.  Teachers are no charge)
  • $5.00 for Lab/Workshop Hands On Activity


  • Tours = about 60 min (contact us for more details). 
    • Visits can be scheduled for AM, PM or both.
    • Group tours can start before the museum opening at 10am for no additional charge
  • Labs/Workshops = 45 -90 min depending on activity

GREAT DEAL: Tour + Explore time =

LESS than General Museum  Admission!


Burpee offers revamped field trips that are aligned to NGSS science expectations and opens the door to great non-fiction reading opportunities to improve literacy, critical thinking, and evidence based reasoning. 

  • Biology
    • Herpetology: Reptiles & Amphibians
    • Local Wildlife
  • Paleontology
    • Fossils & Dinosaurs
  • Geology
    • Rock formations
    • Earth Geologic Processes
  • Anthropology
    • Early Human History
    • Native Americans
  • Ecology & Environmental Science
    • Watersheds
    • River Sciences

Contact Us:

For more important information about bringing your group to Burpee contact us at 815-965-3433 or email education coordinator Nicole:

Enhance your Experience:

Groups then can choose additional workshop/laboratory class experiences to get hands on with the topic for an additional $5.00 per student.  

Classroom Connections:

Consider some of our included pre-activities aligned to your grade level. This will help your students know what to expect when they arrive at the museum.  Burpee also provides reading material at various grade levels that can help integrate your science & literacy program with quality non-fiction texts aligned to your field trip adventure!  Continue the learning momentum long after you have returned from Burpee Museum!

Plan for Lunch:

If your group plans to have lunch at the museum, you will need to bring sack lunches and reserve the lunchroom as part of your visit.  

Reserve Your Date SOON:

Our calendar fills quickly. Contact our eduction team for the best selection of dates as soon as possible.