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Enjoy Your Birthday at Burpee Museum

Celebrate your little paleontologist or zoologist birthday at the Burpee Museum!

There are different activities to pick from for everyone to enjoy! Museum admission will be free to your guest.

Call the Burpee Museum (815)965-3433 or email Rhonda Dailing at rhonda.dailing@burpee.org


Fees determined by number of guests, including adults.

$130 | up to 35 people

$180 | up to 50 people


We care about everyone’s safety, for every 7 children must be accompanied by one chaperone. CHAPERONES MUST STAY IN THE MUSEUM AT ALL TIMES.

Basic Birthday Packages 


  • Free Museum Access
  • Private Party Room
  • Scavenger Hunt

Duration: 2 hours

Birthday Add-ons:

  • Live Animal Activity | $30 add-on
  • Dino Activity | $30 add-on
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