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Event Details

Date: November 3rd, 2018

Time: 10:00am-3:00pm

Location: Burpee Museum of Natural History


Calling Learners of All Ages!

Get ready to learn not just about hunting, but survival. Examine amazing hunting tools of Native Americans, prehistoric hunters, and early humans. Try your hand at spear throwing and learn about atlatls–a weapon that changed the world! Event attendees will engage in make and take workshops, see physical evidence of early hunting on artifacts from collections. Learn from experts about the making arrowheads and spear points. Don’t miss this fall fun for the whole family!

Your Art of Hunting Experience Includes:

Atlatl throwing
This is the weapon that changed the world! Check out atlatl throwing demonstrations and learn how to throw an atlatl!
Cave Paintings
Why did early humans draw inside caves? What did they look like? Take a peek and try your hand at cave painting.
Flint Knapping
From spear points to fishing lures, learn how early humans created sharp weapons to catch their food! Don’t miss the Flint Knapping Demonstration by Richard Hamilton

And So Much More!!