Burpee Staff

Museum Phone: (815) 965-3433

Anne Weerda – Executive Director

Finance and Operational Department

Rhonda Dailing – Director of Finance & Operations 

Monika Gerard  – Membership & Finance Department

Education Department

Betsy Carlson – Education

Lisa Johnson – Education

Julie Junod– Education

Becca Francis– Education & After School Programming

Nicole Hayes  – Education 

Laura Sjoquist – Education

Alyssa Bates  – ZooBabies Instructor & Visitor Services 

Visitor Services Department

Alex Merry – Visitor Services Manager & PR

Natalie Sati – Visitor Services & Silent Auction Giving

Alyssa Bates  – Visitor Services & ZooBabies Instructor

Maddy Cantu  – Visitor Services

Jacon Walls

Keirstein Rivera

Facilities Department

Alex Rodden – Animal Husbandry, Animal Outreach, Facilities

Saad Yassen –  Facilities 

Kamal Almustafa – Facilities

Julian Gonzalez – Facilities

Paleontology Department

Joshua Mathews  – Engelhardt Moore Director of Paleontology 

Dan Large – Fossil Prep. in the Paleontology Lab

Cindy Fitzpatrick  – Fossil Prep. in the Paleontology Lab

Exhibits and Collections

Alexandra Koch-Benson– Special Projects: Exhibits & Collections